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Fire Department  (530)275-3003

May contain: human, person, fireman, helmet, apparel, and clothing

Located on Wonderland Blvd, just off I-5 south of Lake Shasta, the Mountain Gate Fire Department provides an invaluable service to not only the Community, but to Visitors to the Shasta Lake Recreation area and persons traveling the I-5 corridor.

The Mountain Gate Fire Department currently operates two Engines, a 3700-gallon Water tender and a Heavy Rescue. One of the Engines is a type 1 and has seen action not only in Mountain Gate, but to the surrounding communities and to Southern California. The second engine is a type II, configured in the summer months to provide wild land protection.  It also has seen action away from our Initial attack area. We typically respond to pver 650+ incidents per year. 

We are a Volunteer, "paid per call" department with a current roster of 15 persons. We have a top limit of 35 volunteers and thus are always looking for new volunteers. We do not have an in district living requirement, nor is previous experience required.

We do extensive in-house training enabling volunteers not to have to take time off work to gain the necessary skills and certifications to be a member.

We require all new volunteers to attend two months of weekly trainings to prove their commitment. They are then allowed to start participating and responding as their skill level improves. There is a six month probationary period in which they need to attain all the required certificates, then they can be voted in and become a regular member.